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Let’s face it: After tending to our everyday responsibilities, we all deserve a little playtime. When you allow yourself to delight in life’s little pleasures – feeling the wind in your hair on a motorcycle ride or the ocean breeze as you set sail – you awaken an inner sense of childlike wonder and let your spirit soar.

Whether it’s an RV, motorcycle, or even an airplane that best captures your youthful exuberance, our toy loans can help you relish a joyful life journey. Let us help you find your route to fun.

SkyOne Toy Loans offer:

  • Financing for new and used vehicles.
  • Flexible terms up to 180 months.
  • Up to 100%1 of the purchase price, plus tax and license.

Fixed Rates for Motorcycles, Airplanes, Boats and RVs

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New Motorcycles As Low As Used Motorcycles As Low As Maximum Term Alert Me
3.99% APR* 4.49% APR* 48 months
4.24% APR* 4.74% APR* 72 months
New Toys As Low As Used Toys As Low As Maximum Term Alert Me
4.24% APR* 4.74% APR* 72 months
4.49% APR* 4.99% APR* 84 months
5.49% APR* 5.99% APR* 120 months
5.74% APR* 6.24% APR* 180 months
*APR: Annual Percentage Rate. Rates are subject to change anytime. Rates, terms and loan amounts are based on approved credit and determined by a managed risk program. Advertised rates include a 0.25% Autopay discount, without which rates will be 0.25% higher. The lowest rate offered will not be lower than 3.99% APR for new motorcycles, and 4.49% APR for used motorcycles, inclusive of any applicable rate discounts. The lowest rate offered will not be lower than 4.24% APR for new toys, and 4.74% APR for used toys, inclusive of any applicable rate discounts. If the amount financed is $20,000 or less, the maximum term for motorcycles is 72 months and 84 months for toys. Loan term example: a $15,000 loan at 4.24% APR requires 60 monthly payments of $278.
1 Restrictions apply.

Fixed Rates for Dirt Bikes, Jet Skis and Snowmobiles

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As Low As Rate Type Loan Amount Maximum Term Alert Me
9.49% APR* Fixed $500 - $3,000 Up to 24 months
9.49% APR* Fixed $3,001 - $50,000 Up to 60 months
*APR: Annual Percentage Rate. Published rates are subject to change anytime. Rates, terms and loan amounts are based on approved credit and determined by a managed risk program. Advertised rates include a 0.25% Autopay (automatic payment) discount. The lowest rate offered will not be lower than 9.49% APR, inclusive of any applicable rate discounts. Dirt Bikes, Jet Skis and Snowmobiles are financed as Signature loans. Payment example: a $10,000 loan at 9.49% APR and 60 month term requires a monthly payment of $209.

^Payments by phone can be accepted to all loans except First Mortgages. There is a $10 service charge for each payment made using the Payment by Phone service. Payments to your SkyOne loan cannot be made using your SkyOne credit card. The maximum payment amount using this service is $3,000. Please refer to the Schedule of Service Charges and All in One Disclosure for complete details.

Insurance & Protection

At SkyOne, protecting our members’ financial welfare is a top priority. That’s why we offer a comprehensive range of options to help you prepare for the unexpected. 

  • Vehicle Insurance

    Members Only. Vehicle Insurance Savings. Get A Quote.

    TruStage™ Auto Insurance Program

    Working with carefully selected auto insurance partners, the TruStage Auto Insurance Program can provide discounted rates for credit union members, online services, and 24/7 claims service.

    If you haven't compared auto insurance lately, it's a great time to take a look. Your credit union membership could result in some nice savings.

    Get your free quote today or call 1-855-483-2149.

    TruStage™ Auto Insurance program is offered by TruStage Insurance Agency, LLC and issued by leading insurance companies. Discounts are not available in all states and discounts vary by state. The insurance offered is not a deposit and is not federally insured. This coverage is not sold or guaranteed by your credit union.



Before you purchase a new or used toy, we can make sure you get the lowest monthly payment with the amount that works for you. Our calculators can help you get there.

Auto & Toy Loans

Before you purchase that dream vehicle, we’ll help you calculate what works best for you!

See all financial calculators

Please keep in mind, the calculators don't take into account all the factors that should be considered when choosing a mortgage. The final decision should always be based on what's best for you and your individual situation.

Skip a Payment

Sometimes you just need a break from your loan payments. So for a small fee*, we offer members a flexible option to “Skip" a payment on an eligible SkyOne loan or credit card once every 12 months.

From covering unexpected expenses to freeing up extra cash for an important project, Skip a Pay is another way we can help you take more control over your money.

  • Skip a payment on credit cards and consumer loans
  • Send us your request at least 5 days before your loan payment is due

Two easy ways to skip a payment

  • Skip a payment in iSky® Online Banking

    1. Log into iSky® Online Banking.
    2. Click on Manage My Account, and then Skip a Pay.
    Select the loan payment to skip and the account to debit for the processing fee.
    4. Submit the request, and you’re done!

    Skip a payment in iSky Online Banking

*A $30 fee will be assessed for each eligible loan skipped. Your loan must meet the following conditions to be eligible for Skip a Pay: 1. All deferrals are subject to approval criteria established by SkyOne Federal Credit Union, which includes a review of your loan payment history for the last six consecutive months on all open loans and VISA® cards, and all loan(s) must be current (have no amounts past due). 2. Skip a Payment is not available for first mortgages, home equity loans and home equity lines of credit. Other loan product restrictions may apply. 3. Finance charges will continue to accrue at the rate provided in your original loan disclosures and agreements. 4. Deferring a payment will result in higher total finance charges than if you made payments as originally scheduled. 5. This payment will extend the term of your loan(s) and you will have to make an extra payment(s) after your loan(s) would otherwise be paid off. 6. You agree and are required to resume your regular payment schedule after the “skipped” month. 7. You can only skip one payment per loan every 12 months with this program. 8. To skip one consumer loan payment, a $30.00 fee will be automatically deducted from the share account you designate. If funds are not available in the designated share account, your skip-a-payment request will not be honored. 9. For members who have Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP), claim coverage does not extend to the amount of payment(s) deferred. In addition, the coverage will not be extended beyond the original maturity date of the loan.  10. For members who have other insurance products attached to the loan, e.g. credit life, disability or debt protection, extending the life of the loan may void the insurance coverage. Refer to your specific insurance contract for terms, conditions and exclusions. 11. If the skip payment request is not submitted either verbally or via iSky five days prior to the due date, your skip a payment may not be fulfilled.


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