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    • You've had a few years of credit history.
    • You're looking for a higher credit limit.
    • You have limited credit history
    or you're trying to rebuild your credit.
    • You have savings that you can
    set aside to be used to secure your credit limit.
    • You have limited credit history.
    • You'd like to open a card
    without setting aside a secured savings fund.
    APR* Alert Me
    As low as

    13.00% APR*
    Terms and conditions

    As low as

    10.75% APR*
    Terms and conditions

    18.00% APR*

    Terms and conditions

    Credit Limit Alert Me
    Up to $5,000 Up to $10,000 Up to $1,000

*APR=Annual Percentage Rate. Published rates, terms, and conditions are subject to change at any time. Rates, terms and loan amounts are based on approved credit and determined by a managed risk program. Autopay (automatic payment) is required to receive the advertised rate discount. If Autopay is either not requested at funding, or cancelled at any point, as applicable, the rate will increase by 0.25%. Balance transfers, check requests, convenience checks and overdraft protection do not earn Cloud9 Rewards points, and are all subject to terms and conditions of cash advances.

1 Certain restrictions, limitations, and exclusions apply.

Manage Your Cards

Convenient ways to manage your credit cards

  • Track and redeem Your Cloud9 Rewards

    Track and redeem your rewards through the Cloud9 website        Continue to how to redeem you Cloud9 Rewards       Track and redeem your rewards through iSky Online Banking.        Continue on how to redeem your Cloud9 Rewards        Track and redeem your rewards through iSky Mobile Banking.

  • Pay by Phone

    Need to pay your SkyOne loan in a time crunch? It's quick and easy with our Payment by Phone service.

    Use your credit card, debit card or checking account number from another financial institution (except American Express) to pay for your SkyOne loan, and your payment will be applied immediately.

    Simply call 800.421.7111 and talk to a member services representative to take care of it.

    *A few things to keep in mind:

    • The the minimum amount per transaction is $10 and the maximum payment is $3,000.
    • Unfortunately you cannot use your SkyOne credit card to make payments to your SkyOne loan.
    • All loans are eligible for Pay by Phone except First Mortgages.
    • If you're earning rewards on your credit card, please contact your credit card issuer on whether this type of payment qualifies for the rewards.
    • There is a $10 service charge for each payment made using the Payment by Phone service—but you can make up to three loans payments in one call for a $10.00 convenience fee. Please refer to the Schedule of Service Charges and All in One Disclosure for complete details.
    • We are not responsible for any fees or charges resulting from using your credit card, debit card, or checking account from other financial institutions to make payments to your SkyOne loans.
  • Pay like a pro with your mobile wallet

    With your SkyOne Debit and Credit Cards available on Apple Pay, Android Pay, Samsung Pay and Microsoft, you can pay for your purchases with just a touch of your finger.

    Choose your mobile wallet below to learn more:

    Pay like a pro with Apple Pay  Pay like a pro with Android Pay.Pay like a pro with Samsung Pay.Pay like a pro with Microsoft Wallet.

  • Block and unblock your cards

    Get more with Card Controls.


  • Add an extra layer of Loan Protection

    In the event of death, disability or involuntary unemployment, your loan balance or monthly payments will be cancelled, and you can enjoy peace of mind knowing you and your credit rating are protected.

    • Coverage fee built into your monthly loan payment for as low as a few dollars a month
    • Test drive SkyOne Loan Protection for 30 days for free (If you'd like to cancel your protection within the first 30 days, we'll refund any fees already paid)
    • Cancel your Loan Protection at any time

    Get your coverage. Give us a call at 800.421.7111.

    Your purchase of SkyOne Loan Protection is optional. Whether or not you purchase this product will not affect your application for credit or the terms of any existing credit agreement you have with us. We will give you additional information before you are required to pay for SkyOne Loan Protection. This information will include a copy of the contract containing the terms and conditions of debt protection. There are eligibility requirements, conditions and exclusions that could prevent you from receiving SkyOne Loan Protection benefits. You should carefully read your SkyOne Loan Protection contract for a full explanation of the terms and conditions of the debt protection program.

  • Transfer Balances

    Paying high interest on credit cards elsewhere? Transfer balances over to your SkyOne Credit Card and save interest on your payments. Plus, there’s no balance transfer fee!

    Transfer Your Balances

  • Skip A Payment

    Sometimes you just need a break from your loan payments. So for a small fee*, we offer members a flexible option to “Skip" a payment on an eligible SkyOne loan or credit card once every 12 months.

    From covering unexpected expenses to freeing up extra cash for an important project, Skip a Pay is another way we can help you take more control over your money.

    • Skip a payment on credit cards and consumer loans
    • Send us your request at least 5 days before your loan payment is due

    Two easy ways to skip a payment

    *A $30 fee will be assessed for each eligible loan skipped. Your loan must meet the following conditions to be eligible for Skip a Pay: 1. All deferrals are subject to approval criteria established by SkyOne Federal Credit Union, which includes a review of your loan payment history for the last six consecutive months on all open loans and VISA® cards, and all loan(s) must be current (have no amounts past due). 2. Skip a Payment is not available for first mortgages, home equity loans and home equity lines of credit. Other loan product restrictions may apply. 3. Finance charges will continue to accrue at the rate provided in your original loan disclosures and agreements. 4. Deferring a payment will result in higher total finance charges than if you made payments as originally scheduled. 5. This payment will extend the term of your loan(s) and you will have to make an extra payment(s) after your loan(s) would otherwise be paid off. 6. You agree and are required to resume your regular payment schedule after the “skipped” month. 7. You can only skip one payment per loan every 12 months with this program. 8. To skip one consumer loan payment, a $30.00 fee will be automatically deducted from the share account you designate. If funds are not available in the designated share account, your skip-a-payment request will not be honored. 9. For members who have Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP), claim coverage does not extend to the amount of payment(s) deferred. In addition, the coverage will not be extended beyond the original maturity date of the loan.  10. For members who have other insurance products attached to the loan, e.g. credit life, disability or debt protection, extending the life of the loan may void the insurance coverage. Refer to your specific insurance contract for terms, conditions and exclusions. 11. If the skip payment request is not submitted either verbally or via iSky five days prior to the due date, your skip a payment may not be fulfilled.

  • Set up Overdraft Protection

    In the event your checking account doesn't have enough funds to cover your purchase or withdrawals, Overdraft Protection pulls funds from one of the following accounts to cover the transaction.

    • Savings Account – limit of six per month  Why?
    • Money Market Account – limit of six per month  Why?
    • VISA Credit Card – subject to finance charges
    • SkyOne Line of Credit – subject to finance charges

    Set up Overdraft Protection today by contacting a Member Services Representative at 800.421.7111.

    For this convenience, there is a nominal charge of $2 for each overdraft transfer. Please refer to our All-in-One Disclosure for complete details.


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